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Canton Fair

Date:2017-08-17 16:08:53Views:13841
With the global economy gradually pick up, the current Canton Fair exhibitors and merchants enthusiasm than in previous years, a lot of high, significantly increased customers.
This exhibition we decorated the program color to blue-based, simple atmosphere to the main atmosphere. On the basis of cost control, we have to strengthen the overall decoration of the beauty, and more attention to some of the details of the decoration, in this exhibition we also collected a number of peer booth decoration program, learning and use.
The exhibits are mainly for the heater series, focusing on the introduction of our improved air-conditioning fan and the most popular in South Korea's classical lights and some radiators. And this exhibition is the most popular or air-conditioned fan and classical lights. Visitors to the booth to Southeast Asia, the Middle East countries, followed by Europe and some South Korea's old customers. Overall, the Canton Fair a lot of benefits, the future work of the International Trade Department also played a guiding role, the following is for the Canton Fair, we analyze the needs of the entire international market:
1, the main market for air conditioning fans Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and some South American markets, such as Brazil. But like Spain and other countries still need heating and cooling fan; this year our air conditioning fan also exposed a few new faces, recommended several new air conditioning fan customer response is better, but some old customers also miss our two old air conditioning fan FL-5F, FL-5G. We should be in the product development and design should further consider and meet customer requirements.
2, this year the Korean market should be better, more customers want to only head, or buy parts imports. On the classical lights, came to discuss the basic is the Korean customers, for other countries in terms of this customer is a new product, many customers have not come into contact with some of the customers in the European region seem very interested in them Talk about the need to promote a new product.
But there are five factories in the sea are producing similar products, the price competition is very intense. Taking into account the product so that Korean consumers can safely use, the product process I still want to strengthen the Secretary for improvement.
3, radiator This is also one of many customers interested in one of the products, the market potential for mining.
4, on the quartz tube and three tube heater, these products are most concerned about the price of the guests, rather than the new style of the new level.
In general, after the main experience of exhibitors have 3 points:
1, new products are popular
Products to be developed or exhibitors need innovative products, innovative products to attract customers to the eye, innovative products to grasp the price of the right to speak. Now the situation improved, and the price tolerance of merchants will be adjusted, come to the exhibitors have experienced economic crisis period, they are not interested in old products, they need to find new products to get some high profit.
In the case of product cost advantage weakened, the enterprise only through innovation, increase the value-added products in order to win lasting competitiveness. Some companies exhibitors of new products, the efficiency of traditional products than the 20% increase, although the price of new products than traditional products slightly expensive, but the foreign merchants of the inquiry rate is the highest. Many merchants enter the booth, the first question is "what is the new product", rather than "what the cheapest." Any foreign buyers are packed around the booth, are unique product design or promotional methods of special enterprises. Enterprises can be based on different market conditions and customs of product design, based on the existing product on the local innovation, so that a new product than the development of a short time, less investment, the product has a market-oriented, Market acceptance.
2, energy saving and environmental protection products
This year's Canton Fair on energy-saving environmental protection products much more than last year. We found that many of the exhibitors in this year's new products into the "low carbon" concept, in the global low-carbon increasingly important environment, including "low-carbon" concept of low energy consumption, environmentally friendly products, the prospects are very broad The This should also be our business in the development of ideas need to consider the point.
The same time as
3, grasp the price, control production costs, good product quality, highlight the core competitiveness of enterprises
In fact, when the price of raw materials is unstable, "up and not up" is the most difficult problem of foreign trade enterprises. Up, afraid of easy to find the loss of customers, do not go up, loss of trading certainly do not long.
Whether the crisis or after the crisis, the nature of doing business has not changed, in the final analysis, or core competitiveness. If the low-tech, labor-intensive products, if the merchants in Vietnam, India and other places can find the same quality, cheaper prices of alternatives, then the Chinese enterprises price increases, will inevitably lose customers. But if we can firmly grasp the core competitiveness of enterprises, so that "I have no people, I have gifted," that the price of words must be greatly enhanced.
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