Company culture

Management/Innovative Star

lnnovatlve management
BAOERMA Electrical  Group Co.,Ltd.keeps studying and drawing reference from the advanced domestic and overseas management methods. It forms its unique“BAOERMA”management mode.
BAOERMA Electrical Appliance Group casts the eyes upon three innovations. Firstly, it refers to independent innovation of internal environments, i.e.talent,system,tech,management,culture. Secondly, it relates to individual innovation of external environments mainly including the governmental,economical and industrial environments. Thirdly,it concerns independent innovation of resource integration. That is to say,it integrates the global brands,markets,techs,information resources. Power unites with power and therefore the enterprise becomes bigger and stronger.
Systematic construction
BAOERMA Electrical Appliance Group uses modern business system to support the industrial developments. It keeps innovating upon the system,adjusts the organizational setup,estabIishes the technical;management and work standards and perfects assessment system so that the Group keeps long—term orderly developments and constantly innovates upon itself.
Team construction
BAOERMA Electrical AppIiance GrouP persists in constructing a vigorous and harmOnious enterprise.  It keeps optimizing and promoting the enterprise cuIture. It takes the enterprise spirits and scientific developments ideas as souI of the team const ruction and soft motive power of the sustainable deveIopments.  It sticks to“creating a study—type o rganization,constructing an intellectual team,establishing the ha rmonious labor relationships”, Therefore the quality of BAOERMA employees fuIfiIIs a new leap from quantitative to qualitative change.
Brand construction
Over the years, BAOERMA Electrical AppIiance Group executes alI—round three—dimensional brand promotion activities in various domestic media.It combines with multiple modes such as market sales.Product service etc. to expand the brand influence. It buiIds up famous"BAOERMA" brand from various aspects such as tech,product,quality,service,market,advertisement,cuIture etc. It internally sticks to study to increase the quality,xternaIly unifies the image to increase the brand status.
Our strategic goal:We try our best to satisfy the clients’requirements and choices to the products.It is
guided by the markets.It grasps the developing opportunities for purpose of creating joint splendors.
Our managing idea:We strive for“nothing largest.but the best”.
Our corporate mission:It is dominated by the related electrical appliance industry with persistent innovation.It tries to increase core competitive power.
Our enterprise mission:We exert ourselves to be the excellent supplier of electrical home appliance in the world.
Our managing culture:We strive for standard operation,formated flow,management datamation,large sales position,Professional talents,humane products.
Our value concept:We try to create fine benefits for the clients,good opportunities for the employees,great value for stock—holders,bright future for the same industry.We shouIder responsibiIity for the society.
The employee’s faith:Dedicatory,responsible,coope rative,study,innovative.
Our group value concept:We merge ourselves with the group to fulfill a common great undertaking.
Our sales ideas:Wise sales,wide marketing,bit market,elaborate cultivation.
Our quality ideas:Innovative quality,quality first.
Our quality princiPle:Superior&innovative have a firm foothold in the domestic and international markets
Our technical ideas:High—tech serves the markets.Innovation leads a bright future!

Strength / success star

Ltd. is specialized in the research and development, production and sales of household electrical appliances. The products include electric fan, electric fan, electric fan, electric fan, electric fan, electric fan, electric fan, Air conditioning fan, heater, washing machine and other four categories of more than 400 specifications series. Enterprise covers an area of 40,000 square meters, construction area of 32,000 square meters, with more than 30 100 grams, 12000 grams of injection molding equipment, more than 20 sets of 30 T-400T stamping equipment, built a fully functional, reliable product quality testing center, More than 10 reasonable layout, the operation of efficient production operations pipeline, the implementation of ERP production management information system